Zoneyet was invited to the matchmaking meeting of government


On the morning of July 30, the matchmaking meeting of government, banks and enterprises, co-hosted by the Economic and Trade Development Bureau of Hi-tech Zone Administrative Committee, the Securities Office of Hi-tech Zone Administrative Committee and the Finance Office of Hi-tech Zone Administration Committee, undertaken by Jinyuan Business Incubator, was held solemnly in Zhengzhou with a title of “speeding up the construction of national innovation demonstration zone and building financial service system of science and technology”. Representatives from many banking institutions including CCB (China Construction Bank), Industrial Bank and CITIC Industrial Bank have been present as well as those from various investment institutions such as Cybernaut, Broadhi Capital and New NEEQ. As one of the 11 outstanding representative enterprises, Zoneyetwas invited to make a pitch at the meeting.
Representatives of numerous enterprises and financial institutions attended the meeting
At the start of the meeting Zhang Cuiwei, deputy director of  the Economic and Trade Development Bureau of Hi-tech Zone Administrative Committee, also director of Securities Office of Hi-tech Zone and Zhou Wei, director of Finance Office of hi tech Zone, delivered speeches respectively, explaining the related policy about listing in this area and the situation of support for the construction of scientific and technological financial service system as well as its unique feature with one body two wings and six platforms. Besides, the policy of guarantee plus small loan subsidy and building a multi-tiered capital market system and other contents were also introduced. Various companies have given presentations and made an exchange of ideas in the fields of artificial intelligence, cloud technology, big data and so on.  The representative of Zoneyet, Gaofeng, introduced the company’s intelligent translation product TRYCAN, of which the "artificial intelligence plus artificial crowdsourcing" intelligent hybrid translation model generated much interest among the guests who were present.
TRYCAN from Zoneyet
To construct a new Zheng Luo national innovation demonstration zone is an important decision made by the central authorities focusing on implementing the strategy of innovation-driven development. It is of great significance to lead and support Henan’s innovation and development, to advance economic transformation and upgrading and to speed up the rise of central China and the realization of the prosperous common people and strong province. As a member of science and technology enterprises in Henan province, Zoneyet should not only focus on scientific and technological innovation, but also actively respond to the call of national policy by throwing herself in the tide of the development of the national innovation demonstration zone, thus making its own contribution.