Guangdong Provincial Party Committee Deputy Secretary-Genera


On the afternoon of July 27, Zhang Jinsong, Deputy Secretary-General of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, visited Zoneyet, and Li Jinyong, executive deputy director of the Hi-tech Zone Administrative Committee, accompanied the study tour. The research team focused on learning and research innovation driven development, open economy new system and so on. Zoneyet welcomed and treated them warmly.
Our company's capital operation manager Ren Ningning introduced the leaders the development process, corporate culture and the key development field at this stage, she specifically introduced the development status in the field of artificial intelligence mixed translation (AI). Research group were very interested in the work mode and structure system of intelligent translation platform, they frequently asked questions and our company's hardware product manager Gao Feng answered passionately.
Internet high-tech enterprises are mostly concentrated in the eastern and southern coastal first-tier cities. Zoneyet took root in the Central Plains region, deeply plowed industry market and maintained a steady and rapid development, which reflected Zoneyet's strong technical strength and high standards of scientific and technological innovation. The research group gave full recognition to Zoneyet.