The inspection group of "mass entrepreneurship and innovatio


On the afternoon of July 19, 2017, the members of the inspection group of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" from the state council visited Zhengzhou National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, accompanied by the city leaders including Shi Zhanyong, the deputy mayor, Wen Guangxuan, Hou Yunfeng, Wang Xinting, Wang Hongwei, Wang Demin and Zheng Yansong. Zoneyet, as the visiting target enterprise, received the research and guidance from the inspection group.
Since premier Li Keqiang made the nationwide call of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" at the World Economic Forum, also known as Summer Davos Forum, held in September 2014, there has been booming development achieved in various sectors of society. As one of the members of technological innovation enterprises, Zoneyet has always given high priority to innovation to keep pace with the others and even to be a leading figure. Especially in recent years Zoneyet has scored fruitful achievements in the work of mass entrepreneurship and innovation.