Good News: Anysay Support Multi-language Translation


Anysay is a software that provides instant translation at anyplace and anywhere, and it is developed and researched by Zhengzhou Zoneyet Technology Co.,Ltd. With the translation supported by artificial intelligence mix translation engine MTE, there are also nearly one hundred thousand translators online providing translation services for global users. It supports multi-language voice translation, human translation, photo translation, conference translation and message translation, which will be a magic tool for you to study English, chat and travel abroad.
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The new UI interface. New interface, fast request speed and ultimate experience are all in the new Anysay version V3.1.
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7 language translation between Chinese and English, Japanese, Korean, French, Germany, Russian and Spanish. With Anysay, you can travel around the world!
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Human translation recharges fees. The price is different according to different languages. If you recharge the wallet, the translation team will serve for you at any time.

Scan the two-dimensional code to download in Anysay official website
1. Enter Anysay official website in the browser, follow the prompts to download.
2. Enter Zhengzhou Zoneyet Technology Co.,Ltd official website, click  "Products and Services", then click "Anysay" to enter Ansay official website.
Download "Anysay" in different APP Stores.
To provide users with better quality translation services is "Anysay" team's goal. New version and great experience, come and download now!