The most beautiful Chinese pride of Dong Qing's "kneeling" a


On September 1st, The First Class in the Beginning of New Term themed as "Chinese pride" was broadcasted, which won great praise from national audiences. The host Dong Qing interviewed the famous translator Xu Yuanchong. The great master who is admired by many people walked on the stage, he is hale and hearty, and what he said is wise and open-minded.
Mr. Xu is the first translator who won "Aurora Borealis" award in Asia in the international translation industry, his English attainments and translation skills are matchless for now. In his view: translation is to find and enjoy beauty. Chinese culture needs to be passed to the world. He thinks that the translation of ancient poetry is to recreate beauty.
Translation is to Recreate Beauty
Will the current artificial intelligence translation be able to achieve re-creation of language beauty? As we all know, translation is a language activity which belongs to social sciences, and machine translation that depends on technology belongs to natural sciences. If machine translation can't recreate beauty, then it can't lead translation development in the future. The faithfulness, expressiveness and elegance of translation must involve with human translation. Languages are complicated, different languages need to be translated to make each other understand. Even if machine translation can complete 99% of the work, 1% of the work needs to be completed by human to make it more beautiful. Translation should convey the beauty, this is also the responsibility and mission of Zoneyet.
Meaningful Translation
If translators don't understand the poem, then the translation is meaningless. If enterprises don't understand translation, it will be meaningless. Zoneyet has many years' experience in international Internet cross language service industry. Zoneyet has long been combined artificial intelligence and machine translation together before Google and published Zoneyet neural network machine translation system that is Zoneyet depth translation engine - "ZNMT", which consists of encoder, decoder and attention network. Zoneyet knows that deep learning can't interpret human natural languages perfectly. In the future, intelligent translation and artificial translation must be combined, and technology will serve for human. In 2013, Zoneyet began to develop artificial intelligent products and created the first crowdsourcing translation platform in China. We have 200,000 local translators providing accurate translation services, which makes it more international. At the same time, Zoneyet has the unique One-to-one Human Translation Service, with a call, you'll have a strong translation team with you.
Lifetime Career
"Spend your lifetime to translate Shakespear's works", such kind of spirit is admired by us. Follow your heart and move forward wholeheartedly, Zoneyet will continue to inherit such kind of spirit.  Since the establishment of Zoneyet, we always adhere to the operation principle "Make Global Communication Easier". We researched artificial intelligent cloud translation for hundreds of times, and we will learn Xu Yuanchong's craftsman spirit that he has spent his lifetime to contribute to Chinese culture. For Zoneyet, we will take cross-language translation as a lifelong career and be the best in the world. We believe that we will change the world and make global translation easier.