To celebrate the seventh anniversary of GaGaHi, more than se


In 2010, with the establishment of Zoneyet, the product GaGaHi was launched. As the first international multilingual translation of social networking site, it has quickly attracted a large number of users worldwide. Used hardship we have overcome and the difficulty time has passed away. In 2017, Zoneyet has become an internet company with market value of over 10 billion, it is successfully listed on the national stock transfer system and becomes the first social networking company to land the capital market. GaGaHi rapidly has become an international social platform that has 4,800 million registered users and covers more than 180 countries.
With the celebration of the seventh anniversary, in order to meet the demand of Gaga Ec, Gaga Game and Gaga Talk, Zoneyet has organized a large scale member feedback activity “Seven years’ success of GaGaHi, more than sextuple magnificent gifts are given”.
Now, with the national strategic initiatives “the Belt and Road "proposed, China communicates more frequently with the world. As a platform for international cultural exchange, GaGaHi sincerely invites you to become the ambassador of international cultural exchange, so as to promote Chinese culture, spread civilization and use language to knock on the doors of the world.
Then, what will you do after becoming an Ambassador of GaGaHi? What is the benefit? Read on please!
To celebrate the seventh anniversary of GaGaHi, more than sextuple magnificent gifts will be given to customers for grateful feedback.
The First Gift: Distinguished VIP Privileges
If you got the ambassador card, you can enjoy the VIP membership of GaGaHi international social networking platform which is of 1194¥. You can light up the identity to get more exposure, you can chat with unlimited global buddies every day. More daily mass translation characters and 7x24- hour dedicated customer service will help chat with foreign friends and have fun with them.

The Double Gift: Promoting Spoken Foreign Language. It’s Easier to Learning a Foreign Language.
Whether cute Japanese girls, handsome guys in Korea or Europe they are all here. GaGaHi provides you with the social platform of the international style to connect with foreign friends easily, so you can experience true language environment in the communication. Make friends and learn languages at the same time.
The Triple Gift: Special Allowance for Ambassadors. Easy to Earn Changes
GaGaHi ambassadors enjoy high-end treatment, just taking a simple training, every month you can get special allowance. Anytime, anywhere, easily earn money, do more and you will earn more! What are you waiting for!
The Quadruple Gift: It Has Become an Easy Thing to be a TCSL Teacher
GaGaHi can help you to become a TCSL teacher. The ambassadors of GaGaHi will have the opportunity to become one-to-one Chinese teachers of Gagatalk. There, you can meet language learners all over the world, spread Chinese culture and make friends with the people around the world.
The Quintuple Gift: Hope You to Join in Our Big Family with 200,000 Part-Time Interpreters
If you can pass the simple tests of foreign language, you can join in Trycan artificial crowdsourcing translation platform which belongs to Zoneyet and become a part-time translator. Magnanimity translation orders, you can grab the orders in your spare time to earn money, if your level become higher, you can earn more.
The Sextuple gift: High-pay Jobs at Headquarters. Hired Directly by Company
The door of enterprise headquarter is open to you, as long as you are excellent enough. We will help you to deepen your understanding of the study, confirm the career that you like or good at and make adequate preparation for the transition from students to professionals. We are the top internet company with a powerful science and technology team in Henan province, waiting for you!
The Gentle spring breeze cannot be better than sextuple magnificent gifts of GaGaHi. What are you waiting for, come and join us! You can download GaGaHi APP in different APP Stores. Use GaGaHi to make friends around the world across language barriers and say hi to the world!