• Future


    Zoneyet will continue to focus on the development of big data, artificial intelligence, mobile Internet, intelligent hardware and other aspects; better play its own advantages and industrial-financial interaction, and constantly optimize internet translation solutions; change the traditional format, meet the new challenge, innovate constantly, and untiringly struggle for the dream to make the global communication more simple.

  • A New Era

    Zoneyet AI intelligent translation robot - Xiaoye V1.0 was successfully developed, marking Zoneyet formally entered the field of intelligent hardware translation.
    Zoneyet products' users exceeded 35 million, monthly active users exceeded 5.5 million, and the annual revenue exceeded 70 million.
    Zoneyet determined its development strategy - develop rapidly in the near three decades, and its mission - make the global communication simpler.

  • 2015

    Change quickly

    Zoneyet successfully acquired 26 million financing.
    On November 2015, Zoneyet successfully landed NEEQ, stock code: 834134. It becomes China's first social network company entering capital market.
    After landing NEEQ, Zoneyet received A round financing from indication investment institution about 35 million.
    As an artificial intelligent translation platform, Trycan has been successfully applied in the national security field.

  • Emerging

    Chen Lijie, Zoneyet group CEO, won "2014 Chinese economic figures".
    With the advent of Anysay, a Zoneyet intelligent translation APP, it has become the first on-line intelligent translation product in china.
    Zoneyet translation successfully broken through AI deep learning technology, and improved the accuracy rating of intelligent translation to over 90%.

  • 2013

    Develop Rapidly

    A wholly-owned subsidiary - Beijing Zoneyet Soft Technology Co., Ltd. was established; Luoyang Zoneyet Technology Co., Ltd.
    Voice chat and voice translation were added, Zoneyet registered users exploded over 8 million.
    Artificial intelligent translation engine - Trycan was formally launched, and then Zoneyet initiated artificial intelligent translation.

  • Improve Steadily

    GaGa mobile terminal V1.0 was launched formally, and then the users surged, integrated users exceeded one million by the end of the year.

  • 2011


    Zoneyet gained social software product certificate and was awarded excellent products, and the company passed the double-soft enterprise certification.
    Zoneyet products' users exceeded one million.

  • Start up Business

    Zhengzhou Zoneyet Technology Co., Ltd was established in Zhengzhou.
    GaGa - China's first international cross-language social network site went live, supporting 8 languages' browsing and translation.