Privacy policy
Welcome to Zhengzhou Zoneyet Technology Co., ltd.! We have high respect for users' privacy. For the effective protection of your privacy, we hereby declare our commitment to protect visitors' privacy. The following text discloses the collection and use of your information on our website (
With the expanding scope of our services, we may from time to time update the contents of this Privacy Policy. Where we consider that any changes to this Privacy Policy are reasonably material, we will notify you on the website. You are welcome to check this statement at any time.
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Ø The information we collect and use
You can visit our website and obtain information anonymously. Before we ask you to provide the related information, we will explain the use of this information. Some of our sites need to be registered to visit. For example, the member registration in gagahi dating site only requires you to provide basic information such as email address, user name, gender, etc. Sometimes we also ask you to provide more information to better understand your needs and provide effective services for you. You have the rights to reject any information requirements from us, and all the information you provide on this website will be based on the principle of voluntariness.
The services provided by this website will automatically collect the information about the visitor, including visitor number, access time, visited pages, referrer, etc. This site will use the information to analyze our server and manage the website.
Ø protection of privacy content
We will take appropriate steps to protect your privacy. Whenever you provide us with sensitive information, we will take reasonable steps to protect your sensitive information, and we will also take reasonable security measures to protect the stored personal information. We will not transfer your Personal Information to any other third parties (including companies or individuals) without prior permission, except as required by law or government. However, if you require us to provide a specific customer support service or to deliver some items to you, we need to offer your name and address to third parties, such as the transport company. Our website will offer the link of the third party website. Since we are unable to control these websites, we recommend that you read the personal information security system of these third websites.
This site contains links to other sites, and we are not responsible for the content and privacy terms of these sites.
The right to amend and update this privacy statement belongs to Zhengzhou Zoneyet Technology Co., ltd.