Property right
Zhengzhou Zoneyet Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zoneyet") hereby reminds you to read this statement carefully so as to avoid any unnecessary legal liability and disputes. Infringement of access to this website and Zoneyet works will be deemed to have no objection to the entire contents of this statement.
"AnySay, GaGaHi, Gacok, Trycan, Zoneyet" and other text or image of Zoneyet have registered trademark protection. For Zoneyet registered trademark information, it can be seen in the open trademark registration information.
The use of the above-mentioned trademarks without the permission of Zoneyet may infringe the registered trademark rights of Zoneyet, and the Company shall retain the right to pursue legal liability for allegedly infringing the registered trademark rights of Zoneyet.